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Tax Debt

One of the scariest things you can receive in the mail is a letter from the IRS stating that you OWE! There are multiple reasons why you might owe on your taxes, and the penalties and fees can make it difficult to get back out from under the debt. 1StopDebt can be a valuable and legitimate resource to help you find a way out. 

What is tax relief? 

We will connect you with specialists who have an intimate knowledge of available relief programs and tax laws in general. Our job is reduce and/or eliminate outstanding tax debts and negotiate payment plans that fit your budget. 

How are we able to negotiate with the government? 

Tax relief takes on many different forms, including tax deductions, credits, exclusions and forgiveness. There are many different deductions and credits available dependent upon your professional, financial, marital, parental and other statuses. We have a proven track record of effectively handling debt resolution, tax levies and liens, wage garnishment and asset seizure on both business and personal taxes. 

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