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Ditching the Timeshare

Nearly 80% of timeshare owners express some kind of buyer's remorse about their purchase. Rising maintenance fees, blackout dates, inability to travel, financial hardship ... there are many reasons why you may need to relieve yourself of this obligation. Contrary to popular belief (and scare tactics), timeshare companies do not want you to know that you CAN get out of that contract.

You have probably discovered that there is no resale market for timeshare interests. So much so that many people sell them online for $1 just to avoid further maintenance fees because the timeshare company has no interest in buying it back. They are in the business of making you feel trapped, threatening legal ramifications and financial ruin if you decide the property is no longer for you. So now what do you do?

This is where our legal expertise is invaluable. Our skilled negotiators have an advantage when convincing reluctant associations and developers to find an acceptable and timely solution. Our team specializes in timeshares and will navigate you through the process of ridding yourself of this financial burden.

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