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5 Reasons to Hire 1StopDebt to Eliminate Tax Debt

Are you facing IRS penalties and interest from overdue taxes? The IRS is relentless so ignoring tax debt is not an option. There's no need to panic, you have options. With a large team of tax professionals with years of experience, we can help in any and all matters related to tax elimination. Here's just a few ways our team can help.

1. Save you time and stress

Time is money. It’s very time consuming and mentally draining to deal with the IRS. Let us do the heavy lifting and you get your life back. As a client, you will get regular updates to assure you the work is being done.

2. Stop a garnishment, levy or lien

Trying to stop collection activities requires a specific skill set. We know how to present a hardship case to prove you cannot afford your current balance.

3. Tax court litigation

Our attorney-backed debt elimination business means we have the ability to represent you in tax court if needed. If the IRS rejects a settlement at the administrative level, only a qualified tax attorney can defend you in court. Negotiation with opposing counsel in court can effectively lower your tax liability. Additionally, you're protected by an attorney client privilege so the attorney cannot testify against you in court, unlike your CPA.

4. The IRS is not on your side

They are looking to collect unpaid taxes from you as quickly as possible. They are not here to educate you. They want all of your personal information so they can determine how you can pay them back so they know exactly how to collect from you. Do you want really want to give them that information? Do you know if and which hardship program you qualify for? We ARE on your side. We have these answers and we're here to negotiate by settling the case permanently and with your best interest first and foremost.

5. Professional negotiating on your behalf

How are we able to negotiate with the government? Tax relief takes on many different forms, including deductions, credits, exclusions and forgiveness. There are many different deductions and credits available dependent upon your professional, financial, marital, parental and other statuses. We have a proven track record of effectively handling debt resolution, tax levies and liens, wage garnishment and asset seizure on both business and personal taxes.

LET'S TALK: 833-611-DEBT (3328) 

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