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Meet the Debt Guy

I got in this business for two reasons. One, I've seen many people get robbed by companies collecting fees upfront and not resolving the debt or promising to invalidate the debt owed, which is also a scam.


Two, I've been in your shoes. In my early 20s, I was making a lot of money on Wall Street. I was living the high life with no regard for saving or budgeting. Then the company I worked for went out of business. That same day, I bought a custom $4000 suit, adding to my already massive credit card debt. I wasn't willing to change my lifestyle and it ended up consuming me in a world of debt. I know what it's like to lose sleep over unpaid bills and get dozens of calls a day from collectors. I know how it feels to feel overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin to climb your way out.

Let's be honest. No one tells you how to get out of debt. I learned the hard way. I knew that so many others were in the same situation and I knew that I could help. So I built a brand, a reputable business to educate people on how to eliminate debt and how to stay out of debt.


If you're considering enrolling in my program, you're likely on a hamster wheel and seeing no progress. I've got good news -- I can literally change the trajectory of your life. I will guide you through the elimination process from beginning to end, and I'll be there to celebrate with you when you make that last payment. There is hope. There is a solution. So give me a call today and let's get started!

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I could finally see light at the end of the tunnel.



Patricia has worked side by side with me seeing me through this ongoing uphill journey. She has become more than just a consultant to me, she is someone who has a heart to help others with no judgment.



Larissa has provided outstanding care and never left me unsecured in this challenging process.



Our Attorneys Are On Your Side
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